Replacement Poly V-Belt for Tacx Flux, Flux S and Flux 2 Turbo Trainer Belt


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Specifically for Tacx Flux, Flux S and Flux 2 direct drive turbo trainers

We will supply you a Premium quality belt either manufactured by Optibelt or Hutchinson at our sole discretion due to previous supply issues. These are the highest quality belts out there.

If your belt squeaks then you should check your tension pulley to ascertain whether it runs parallel with the large pulley wheel. Please read our blog on Tacx Flux for the correct guidance on how best to perform this check.

If your pulley is parallel with the large pulley then your first point of call is to replace it with a high quality belt.

The belts we source have a much thinner backing than the original equipment manufacturer's belt and this allows it to conform more readily to the small pulley diameter of the flywheel axle which rotates at up to and sometimes beyond 3800 rpm. This puts a lot of stress onto the belt material.

Some people recommend belt drive spray but that simply masks the issue, rather like paracetamol except the pain ultimately never goes away on a machine, and you can run the risk of causing other issues.

It is better to remove the original belt and clean all contact surfaces of the pulley wheels and tension arm roller with isopropyl alcohol and fit a new belt.

We do not recommend using WD40.

Main image is for illustration purposes only as it shows a 6PJ belt section.

The Poly V-Belt, or Ribbed Belt as it is also known, resembles a flat belt - but with V-shaped ribs along the inside surface for increased friction force between the pulley and the belt. Poly V ribbed belts require less energy to flex around the pulleys and can therefore transfer power more effectively to the driven pulley.
Poly V belts are used in applications such as conveyors and handling systems, fitness sport & leasure equipment, industrial engines, power tools, military vehicles and agricultural and gardening equipment.


Manufacturer Product Code 8 PJ813
Basic Product Description Poly-V® Belt
Measurement Metric
UOM Each
Nominal Length Ln (mm) 813
Rib Pitch (mm) 2.34
Depth (mm) 3.3
Nominal Length Ln (in) 32
Weight (Kg) 0.657
Ex-1 No. of Ribs 8 Ribs
Section PJ
Ma-1 Material 1 Rubber
Te-1 Rib Angle 40°
Te-2 Technical 2 Improved transmission ratio is possible (Poly V 1 : 60 vs V belt 1 : 20). Does away with the need for stepped pulleys.
Product Attributes
Part Number
Indoor Cycling