Dixon Ticonderoga Set of 12 HB 2 Artist Graphite Drawing Writing Pencils


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Supplied in original retail cardboard packaging.

These are the genuine Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils, made in Mexico.

What you get:

You will receive 1 complete box of 12 pencils.

These are the Made in Mexico pencils not the lesser quality ones produced in China that receive such bad reviews.

If you want the best quality pencil in the World without a doubt then look no further! If you have never used these pencils before, it is an amazing experience from start to finished artwork. These pencils come unsharpened so the first sharpening creates a build-up of anticipation for first use. There is no escape with these pencils. The poor workman cannot blame his tools!
A total joy to use!

In fact, if you watch almost any American movie, it won't be long before you start noticing these distinctive pencils being held, used or sitting on a desk or in a holder on a desk!

Quote from The Roald Dahl Museum

Ticonderoga Pencil
The pencil Roald Dahl used to do all his writing - he would use nothing else!
Customer Review from the Roald Dahl Museum
I got one of these pencils when I visited the museum. It is really lovely to write with, and draw with. My only regret is that I didn't get more! Roald Dahl Fan Age 36 Years


Yellow lacquered casing with green lettering and graphics.

Basic Description:

Graphite Pencil HB #2 No. 2 Non-toxic Does NOT contain rainforest wood

Manufacturer's Description:

The World's Best Pencil.

The core of the Ticonderoga pencil is made from three domestic and imported graphites with micro-pulverized clay to produce the smoothest writing pencil in the world.
Ethan Allen's leadership of the Green Mountain Boys secured Fort Ticonderoga on the path to American Freedom in 1775.
Using only the highest quality materials, the Ticonderoga pencil has been securing freedom for your thoughts for generations
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Dixon Ticonderoga
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