Repairing your Tacx Flux Turbo Trainer

Repairing your Tacx Flux Turbo Trainer

We are the premier UK repairer of the Tacx Flux Turbo Trainer.

Feel free to contact us using the contact form including your telephone number and our Chief Tech will call you back.

The first generation Tacx Flux, in particular, suffered with the tension arm twisting and this can cause a variety of noises, squeaks and clunking sounds depending on the usage and age of the unit.

All is not lost!

We took the original part, did some research and development, made some prototypes and came up with a repair solution which you, as a home user, can fit to sort out the issue and get you back up and running in no time with a unit that then runs *better than new.

The beauty of our solution is that it is guaranteed for life.  You will never need to replace it ever again.  It's a small price to pay for piece of mind.

If you are not confident undertaking mechanical work then we offer a servicing and repair option for as little as £140 which includes the cost of the arm.  Invariably, we quote a ballpark of between £170-£180 for the full repair (which excludes postage).  The most expensive repair we have ever undertaken on a customer's unit was £250 which includes four bearings being replaced and a repair to the electronics also.  However, it is very rare for both mechanicals and electronics to be needing repair and, of course, you know yourself whether or not the power light is coming on or not and whether the lights are working in the correct sequence.  The cheapest repair was a mere £40 but that obviously didn't require a new tension arm.

It does happen that sometimes we see the onset of the failure of the wirewound resistors whereby you still have a working unit but an electronics failure is imminent.  Again, this is very rare and I think maybe two units have ever arrived with us in this state. 

You can post your unit to us for as little as £12 using ParcelForce and we provide instructions on how best to package your item and where to obtain the best quotation for shipping.  As you are usually shipping a unit which is technically scrap to us, we do not recommend you taking out additional insurance as the £150 ParcelForce provide as standard is sufficient unless you feel otherwise and want to insure for the full value of a brand new unit.

On return, we generally advise to re-insure the unit for a reasonable amount as you have, by that time, spent money sending it in to be repaired which gives the unit a stable resale value of around £350 on Ebay.

We fully strip the unit and determine what needs attending to before contacting you to discuss the options available.

The full strip and inspection costs £48.

Turn-around times vary and we do offer a while-you-wait service if you wish to physically bring your unit to us.  The process generally takes 1.5 - 2 hours during which you can take a walk into Nottingham (5-10 minutes) and grab a coffee or do a bit of sightseeing.

*THEIR WORDS NOT OURS! Our customers' experiences and comments since our solution first became available in February 2021 after fitting our tension arm repair solution.  We have never been big on eliciting customer reviews preferring to rely on word of mouth but times are changing and we realise we need to move with them.  Check out our TrustPilot Reviews using the link at the top or bottom of any page.